This is the story of a woman, a dreamer and a adventurer. Since 2012 Annelotte Vos started to give shape to her desire to design and make jewelry. She's a woman with rich experiences, her soul is moved according to her adventures, encounters and discoveries. 

The first jewelry she made was specifically designed for her close friends and family, which later developed into her first collection attracting other women who share her passion for evocative jewelry. As a child she was like a magpie attracted by anything that shines. She collected all kinds of unusual natural materials, which became her library of inspiration. This library is constantly being updated with new treasures from her many trips across the globe.

At the age of choices Annelotte Vos realised that art, in all its forms, made her wonder. What especially elated her endlessly was that art carries imprints of the past.

Since then, Annelotte Vos has built a unique world where the past and present are combined together and merged into innovative and organic designs. Nature, history, photography, culture, music, art but also every day life are endless sources of inspiration. The collections subtly reflects the personality and sensibility of the designer, the sublime creations of SOTINE reinvent themselves constantly.

SOTINE... jewelry with extraordinary destinies.