With these photos it all started, our new collection was born!
There is deep story behind this collection that we would like to share with you. SOTINE gets her inspiration from nature, technology and fabrics. She has a fascination for irregularities and unpredictability. Our nature is so full of coincidences; the shapes can barely be made by hand. It’s the element of surprise that wonders her most.
Since a couple of years there are new 3D technologies invented. With 3D technology there is a way to make the most wonderful creations with a computer. Those creations can be almost ass good ass nature can surprise us. The combination of 3D technology and all the wonders of our nature inspire SOTINE the most. When SOTINE was creating her first prototype, in the atelier of Fab Atelier, she only had pen and paper. She never saw it as a constraint but as an opportunity to try something new.

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