A sweater (€29,95), a chain necklace (€33,95) and a tie (€19,95): these items where designed by Lotte van Dijk, Brian Geradts and myself, in collaboration with MOAM. I was really cool to be part of this project, the work of which is featured here in the Independent Fashion Daily under the section Mode.

Here's what I said when journalist Georgette Koning asked me about the process that brought me to the design of the jewel I specifically created for this project:

"I first looked at how I could translate the symbol of freedom in a contemporary design. Many pieces are now very delicately and minimalist, because it's a trend nowadays. Therefore, I wanted to create a symbol that wasn't too big. In order to give it a sophisticated look, I paid attention to the outline of both the inside and outside of the torch. Because silver is a material that always looks nice, this was a logical choice as the jewel would pass from generation to generation. The pendant is carved with a special microkop. There is only one company in the Netherlands that produces this, so I can say with absolute certainty that the design is 100% made in Holland."

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