Wanna find out more about SOTINE? Annelotte's interview on Hausie Magazine provides our favourite customers with an overview of the company and the story behind its launch. Did you know that Annelotte started developing her passion for clothing design at a very young age, closely observing her mom constructing garments? Ever since then, she started imagining and painting her own world with impressive imagination and originality. 

Art enables you to create different ways of thinking. It dares you to ask yourself what is my way of thinking and why do I think the things I think.”

In 2011, Annelotte started designing customised jewels after realising she wanted to work with hard materials, understand the scientific process behind them and use her hands to create and give shape to objects. Nowadays, the Dutch artist works mainly with silver, gold, shells, gemstones and glass. Her major goal is to offer an element of surprise embedded within each design and getting out of comfort zones to take style risks. That's what keeps her motivated and makes her master pieces so unique and exclusive.

“I don’t want to be part of a rapidly evolving materialist society anymore, that's why I don’t design summer or winter collections. For me it feels better to add or remove certain items and replace them with improved ones.”

So, if you see certain pieces in more than one collection, don't be surprised! If you pay close attention, you would notice that the jewels are sightly different, something new has been added, adjusted or edited. What's more, since the creations are all handmade, it is very rare that the items - even if belonging to the same line - look exactly the same!

Finally, when asked how the wearer of a SOTINE design should feel, Annelotte declares:

“Happy, proud, confident. I hope that they feel that the jewel reflects their personality.”

If you wish to know more about SOTINE and read the whole interview, check out this link!

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