Stunning 31-year-old Lola Brood on the cover of the April 2016 issue of Playboy Netherlands. She is wearing hand jewel ABBY-LEE on her left hand, and rings BINX and MINA on the other hand. 

Designer, artist and dreamer who enjoys life at its fullest, Lola admitted being a little bit scared of the Playboy photoshoot at first. Having sensual pictures taken of yourself and featured on such a popular magazine might be a lot to take in, especially when it all happens so quickly and unexpectedly. But thinking about how your personality and identity might come across and be conveyed to the public can be very exciting as well, can't it? No wonder that the cover girl eventually felt thrilled and honoured to have such beautiful, rock 'n' roll pictures of herself featured on such a prestigious lifestyle magazine. 

'About the shoot, I had my own ideas in mind', she explains 'There are many jokes in the pictures as well as a hint to my dad'. As an artist, Lola is not afraid to take a step further by adding some colour, humour and a personal touch to the shots as to make them more unique, distinctive and exclusive - just like the jewels she is displaying.

Lola manages to represent and embody the brand at its best by wearing the pieces in a provocative but also freakish and artistic way. 


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